Feena Fam Earthlight

Brighter Than The Dawning Blue

Feena Fam Earthlight is the female lead in the PS2/PC visual novel 'Yokae Mae Yori Ruriiro Na' (literally 'A brighter blue than that before the dawn'), which was then made into a 12 episode anime series.
Feena herself is the Princess of the Moon, sent to Earth to live with the family of the secretary to the president of the United Nations, to properly learn about Earth customs and people. This all results in an anime that is part comedy, part political intrigue, part romance, and all round charming. Feena is well educated in literature and science, but somewhat clueness about some obvious Earth things, and totally clueless romantically (to begin with at least). Her regular gown that she wears during the show is really pretty and detailed and she was all round a character I knew I had to cosplay after watching the anime.
This cosplay debuted at Katsucon 19 (2013)..

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