Neris Filiam

Shining Hearts

Shining Hearts is the 2009 installment of the popular Sega RPG series 'Shining', adapted to an anime series in 2010. The story revolves around the mysterious island of Wyndaria, where people who are washed ashore in storms suffer from amnesia. The main characters all work at the Le Couer Bakery; Rick the swordsman and three sisters, Amil, Airy and Neris.
Neris is kind, courteous and believes everyone should get their share of everything. She also has a fantastic EGL-inspired outfit, all of which drew me towards the character. Her hair took a bit of work and is actually a trimmed wig, with a separate braid interwoven in. Props are the basket of bread she traditionally carries in imagery (the bread is all very nice quality faux food!)
This cosplay debuted at Katsucon 2015.

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