Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X was the first one of the RPG series to really interest me since FF #6 (which is, to me, the best Final Fantasy ever). Whilst not a fan of X-2 at all, this version of Yuna is great! She's the healing character of the party, which is in keeping with the characters I tend to adopt, and I love her flowing kimono costume (which is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time at conventions).
Little accessorisation to the costume such as the dangling tassles on the front of the obi were from a set of curtain accessories and threaded beads. The ear-ring is made from moulded sculpy. Many thanks to Cosplay Kingdom for the fantastic staff!
This cosplay debuted at Otakon 2006. Photographs are mainly from MAGFest 8.5, held in Alexandria, VA, September 2014.. Group photos are from Katsucon 2015, National Harbor, MD, February 2015; Final Fantasy photoshoot organised and photographed by the awesome Cherry Bomb Cosplay & Photography!

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